Flags of Honor

Show Your Patriotism and Support of Our Veterans

Imagine your neighborhood blanketed with a sea of flags next summer! In conjunction with the Field of Honor®, the Quincy Exchange Club announces the Flags of Honor program. For a subscription of $30 per year, a full-sized American Flag on a seven foot staff will be set up at your home from dawn until dusk on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. We'll set up and take down your flag on each of the four "flag days," then store it until the next time. Please register no less than four days prior to the day we set out the flags. Get your neighbors, families and friends involved and we can blanket entire neighborhoods with American Flags!

Proceeds from the Field of Honor® and Flags of Honor service are used to fund the Exchange Club of Quincy's programs of service in Americanism, Youth Activities, Community Service and our national project, the Prevention of Child Abuse. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Thank You!

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Field of Honor®

Honoring Our Veterans

We will again, this year, host a Field of Honor® in a tribute to our veterans on the grounds of the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy. Those visiting the event are in for an awe-inspiring surprise – a grassy field posted with one thousand American flags presents an unforgettable panorama of red, white and blue.

We invite all to visit and support the Quincy Exchange Club Field of Honor® display.  Walk with us amid the ordered rows of Old Glory where each full-sized flag waves atop a seven foot white staff in a stirring formation. Standing amid the flags, we remember and reflect in a salute of the living to those who died defending our nation and way of life. It will truly give you a chill.

The field will go up again in September of 2021.