John Tripp Distinguished Service Award

The John Tripp Distinguished Service Award was established to honor the memory of long-time member John Tripp. The Exchangite of the Year award recognizes exemplary service to the club during the year, the Distinguished Service Award recognizes the contributions of a member over their career in Exchange. John Tripp served as Bulletin Editor for 20 years, served as President in 1988-89, was named Exchangite of the Year in 1990, was a recipient of the Lincolnland District Kremer-Clarkson-Krause award for communications, emceed virtually every banquet and provided eulogies for those Exchangites that passed. While this brief list doesn’t begin to do justice to the many ways in which John worked for the club and the community, it sets the standard by which the award is judged.

Year John Tripp Distinguished Service Award
2017-18 Dick Wentura
2016-17 Chris Parker
2015-16 Perry Terwelp
2014-15 Steve Green
2013-14 Mike Lavery
2012-13 Mel Dillman
2011-12 Gary Peters
2010-11 Art Awerkamp
2009-10 Dennis Koch
2008-09 Jeff Dorsey