The Exchange Club of Quincy

Since 1925

Our Mission: Exchange, inspiring communities to become better places to live.

  • GIVE-A-KID-A-CHANCE, another Quincy original, provides provides a Christmas party and gifts and a summer swim party for children in foster care. For more information on our National Project, please visit the National Exchange Club Foundation Prevent Child Abuse website.
  • Time-Out Teddy – Teddy is the mascot of the National Exchange Club, reminding parents to “take time out to be a good parent”. This seven foot tall bear makes appearances at Excahnge Club functions throughout the year.
  • Secure and healthy families are the foundation of healthy and safe homes as well as strong communities.  Exchange Clubs and Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Centers across the country help build this foundation.  At the heart of our efforts is the Exchange Parent Aide program, facilitated through Exchange  Club CAP Centers across the country.  Parent Aides are trained and  professionally supervised individuals who work in the homes of families to provide education  and support. Parent Aides are mentors for families.  In addition to the  Parent Aide program, these centers also provide a variety of other  supportive services.  Exchange Club members support this effort in a variety  of ways—from distributing educational information to volunteering to  raising funds for CAP programs. For more information on the National Exchange Club’s efforts to prevent child abuse, check out their website here.
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